From Homeless to 7 Figures…
The Short Version—
Melanie in 60 Seconds!
This is the story of how a BROKE, HOMELESS, SINGLE MOM transformed her life and then started a business around her passion for SEEING OTHERS SUCCEED IN BUSINESS AND IN LIFE, and how she now teaches entrepreneurs all over the World to connect their purpose to their profits by crafting a moving message that builds a massive tribe! 
It's all about Marketing, Money & Mindset!
Life Before Crazy Success...
Before there was a successful traditional business, a wildly successful Network Marketing career, top business awards, international speaking engagements, best selling book and over 1 million people hearing the message of transformation and definitely before the popular The Power of Intentional Success podcast…
I was a broke, homeless, single mom who was stressed out and wondering how to pay the light bill… never mind become and entrepreneur.

I was reeling from a failed relationship and literally living in a women’s shelter with no money, car, bank account, or support with my 1-year-old daughter!

Desperate for love and approval stemming from a traumatic childhood filled with all kinds of abuse and later with substance abuse and rebellion to kill the pain.

Feeling deeply discouraged and hurt—wondering if I would end up a statistic in some dead-end job that I hated, clocking in and out, living paycheck to paycheck with bills stacking up!

The only thing I had going for me was the love of my daughter, my faith and the excerpt by Marianne Williamson, Our Deepest Fear, that I had posted in my cupboard so I would remind myself that all was not lost.

In those days I often thought of Nelson Mandela knowing he had spent his life in jail and finally became something so maybe just maybe there was hope for me.  I thought maybe... just maybe the greatness I thought I had inside me would eventually shine through if I just kept believing.
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
~Marianne Williamson
Serving Trays, Self Help and Tons of Failures
I did not have a meteoric rise to the top.

In fact, I went from serving job to serving job just to pay the bills, took psychology on the side studying at 5 am before my daughter awoke and reading and listening to any self-help books or audios I could get my hands on.

I felt called to go to Bible school but with my past I DEFINITELY did not FIT IN… of course, I went anyway.

And, because I was going to bible school to become a pastor, I found myself a black sheep at the bars I worked, it seemed as tho I did not fit in anywhere.
During this time, I signed up in three Network Marketing companies and either did nothing or did everything wrong.

As life started to get more stable, I found an apartment, paid my way through school and then one day… opportunity showed up— in the form of a tiny 2 line ad in the newspaper - Business for Sale. Call .... SO I DID

I went all in and bought a business with my mom.  It was the beginning of my business journey!  We paid $18,000 for an existing business that was seriously lagging in sales and went to work.  And guess what??? IT WORKED! We 4x the sales and profits of that company in the first 6 months and that’s when I figured out what I was definitely an entrepreneur. I love the flexibility and the rewards that come with growing a successful business.

Now I am not saying it was a smooth ride, cuz it definitely was NOT! However, I started learning marketing, money, mindset and found out how to motivate others to buy from me with excitement and enthusiasm … AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!
I met a pastor who was planting a church, I knew I was called to work in the field of ministry at some level so I jumped at the chance to join his team and help BUILD. We started with 12 people in a basement…grew to over 50 and we moved to a community hall... then over 200 when we found a permanent location.

I started leading the youth, working with the worship team and running bible studies for women. I was being groomed to become the associate pastor and that’s when I realized I could apply some of what I had learned in growing my business to growing the church. The GROWTH EXPLODED to over 400 people in 2 years.

During this time, I was privileged to take teams to India, rescue over 500 children from slavery, and build a team working with widows and orphans, water projects and more.
Guess what I said? YES, of course!
So now I am running a growing company, running a church and had taken in foster kids... oh and yes I am still a single mom... that's when...

I joined ANOTHER NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY but this time was different… I found I was able to apply what I had learned in building my traditional business and, right out of the GATE, THE NEW BUSINESS EXPLODED!

 I started making more money in a month than I had ever made …. But with a big pay check comes bigger problems and the first year was ROUGH! I worked 18 hours a day between my business, the church and the new venture.  I was working with leaders who sold the SACRIFICE IT ALL story and I bought in.
I was quickly burning myself out and found myself thinking “Well, I made a LOT OF MONEY but at what cost?” … “Maybe being broke sucked but it was way easier!”

 At this time I was forced to really plan my life—which I had never done before. I had to learn how to manage HUGE TEAMS, travel extensively and speak in front of large crowds… selling and closing from stage, during webinars and much more.
Let’s take a moment here and say the HIGHLIGHT of my first year was meeting and marrying Greg he is my best friend and FOREVER LOVE!
Challenges and Breakthrough
But let me tell you, I faced all the HARD things head on and in HUGE WAVES. And this is WHERE ALL THE LEARNING CAME IN!
  • Rejection from my friends who thought I was crazy (they also thought I was crazy for buying a business when I did the first time).
  • Rejection from prospects who thought I was crazy for doing direct sales.
Oh, and...
  • Rejection from the HOLY people at my church that told me I love MONEY MORE THAN GOD! 
  • ​Botched Webinars, Public Presentations, and Sales Deals.
  • ​​Frustration in helping others to gain success for LACK OF SYSTEMS.
  • Having to do everything for everyone all the time.
  • ​​NO LIST-BUILDING skills, FACEBOOK FOLLOWING or any other way to market my business.
  • ​Missed time with my kids and, on top of that, the people I missed them for would quit, flake out or turn on me.  I quickly realized for me to reach my goals in business and in Network Marketing, personal development would be the key… so I went to work, hired coaches, took courses, read books and heavily invested in becoming better!
I was earning crazy money between my traditional and Network Marketing businesses but I was burning myself out trying to help people one on one—not really getting any traction, not taking time off, buying into the WORK HARD... HUSTLE… SACRIFICE model of entrepreneurship that seemed to be taught everywhere I looked. And what was worse… I was teaching it as well! That’s where I started NOT LOVING WHAT I WAS DOING ANYMORE!
Finally…I said “ENOUGH!!”… I WILL NOT DO THIS ANYMORE IF I HAVE TO DO IT LIKE THIS!  If I cannot find a way to make money, help others become to succeed and LOVE MY LIFE at the same time then I am not interested in the BIG MONEY!
I realized that what I needed to do was grow my businesses with SYSTEMS and focus on my PURPOSE—helping other entrepreneurs succeed and make more money by fulfilling their purpose in life and business. That, in fact, their success WAS MY SUCCESS.
My PURPOSE WAS UNLEASHED in that moment… was born!

 So I doubled down and learned how to do it at scale. I learned:
  • How to help others identify and monetize their purpose and passion by creating messaging that motivated others to buy from them
  • Developed SYSTEM-based courses for others to learn what I knew about entrepreneurial success and Life Fulfillment Strategy
  • ​How to create a 7-Figure Mindset that was purpose driven—chasing destiny instead of dollars
  • ​​Guerrilla marketing for small business and solopreneurs that works
And after all that was dialed in… 
Travel, Sunglasses, and a Small Group of People
I discovered how to optimize and automate those efforts so I would never have to explain to my Introvert Day Dreamer self or my family why we couldn’t travel when we wanted, support the charities we wanted, buy the things that we wanted and basically why we were slaves to entrepreneur hell.

And the best part of all… I had the privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs how to do the same thing…step by step… by following my simple systems that were easy to learn and even easier to apply. Keep in mind I didn't start with hundreds of thousands of people.. I started with a small group of people that wanted to change their lives... and they did!
I’ve developed a reputation for teaching things
 “step by step” and making the complicated simple.
AND I MEAN “SIMPLE step by step”...

I actually go into the tough stuff that surrounds bringing your message, your brand and your Mindset that gives you the confidence to build an amazing, profitable, deeply fulfilling business, get the sale without EVER SELLING and how to do all this without the crazy tech freak outs and crippling overwhelm that most people face. 

I’ve shown entrepreneurs not only how to “DIY” but how to design a life and business of their DREAMS instead of one that destroys their ultimate LIFE goal.

The best part is I am simply teaching what I DO EVERYDAY to BUILD! Whether it’s a traditional business, network marketing or online business…solopreneurship, charity, church or anything else that makes or needs money.

I teach what I have personally done to leap frog to success by creating overall business plans, life plans, marketing messages and strategies that motivate buyers to give your their money and the mindset required to WIN BIG & more!

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The podcast is a labor of love and the best way for you to learn not only what I did but from OTHER EXPERTS who have all created successful 7-figure businesses and are LOVING THEIR LIVES!
Hear from a few of my amazing students...
Prior to working with Melanie I was at war with everyone in my life, written up at work, worked 60-90 hours a week, was drowning in debt and was in bad relationships. Since I've increased my income, work less, laugh and play more, have friends, have paid off 6 figures in debt, and increased my net worth.

I've traveled the world going to places I never thought I’d be able to see, I've fed the hungry all over the world and I just got this message from the same boss that less than 2 years ago was on the brink of firing me "Very proud of the lovely young lady you are”!

Thank you, Melanie, for calling me to a higher place, helping me uncover the greatness in me in a way that is purpose driven and showing me not just that I could have be and do more but the exact steps that  needed to take get it!
~Shanda Wright
“We all have a POWER TO CREATE a life that is meaningful and fulfilling—free from anything that would hold us back.
~Melanie Greenough
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