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About Melanie
Melanie is a powerhouse thriver who has over come insurmountable suffering to Build an Empire and, in the process, has empowered tens of thousands of humans world wide to reach for their dreams and build their own empires with ease.

Having run five successful businesses and rescued lives through mission-based philanthropy, Melanie teaches people to Build their own Empires with simple duplicatable systems that make business building achievable through the power of intentional success.

Through the power of marketing, mindset and money strategies, Melanie equips people to embrace personal responsibility paired with progress—not perfection—in her live workshops across the world. 

After 20 years as an entrepreneur, Melanie has streamlined her businesses, both online and off, to let her live with freedom and ease anywhere she chooses—with her Forever Love, Greg, two, beautiful daughters and her big, handsome dog, Samson, along for the ride. 

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  • ​Straight forward—no holds barred training 
  • ​Detailed execution plans 
  • ​Mindset coaching
  • ​Easy-to-follow instructions.
The Build An Empire (B.A.E) Podcast is a GOLD MINE of Success Tips and Strategies.
Build An Empire Success Planner
Not Just a Planner ... get a COMPLETE TRAINING SYSTEM to....

Learn the Secrets to a 7-Figure Business & Life You Love

The Million Dollar Problem... 5 years ago I got SICK AND TIRED of spinning my wheels... so I GOT SERIOUS about getting RESULTS in life and in business. I had already made millions in Network Marketing, traditional business and built a charity... all while JUGGLING being a Mom, Wife, International Speaker and Coach. BUT I WAS EXHAUSTED.. and wanted to QUIT IT ALL!

Who would build a life and business that made millions then want to quit you ask? 

The answer ME!  Worse yet I looked around and saw other moms struggling to JUGGLE It all with 10 plates in the air feeling like failures because their business wasn't successful... or their house was a mess... or they were exhausted too.

So... I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and I built a system and a planner to STOP THE OVERWHELM, INCREASE PROFITS and LOVE MY LIFE! I spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS creating the ALL -IN - ONE Business Building and Life Planning System! 

Now... 5 years later.. I have helped thousands build their brand, recruit more people, make more sales and HAVE MORE FUN! This is not JUST A PLANNER ... it is thousands of dollars worth of business, life and time management training along with Social Media & Lead Generation training and framework

In this system, you will see how I created an organization that has sold over $40 million in products in the last 10 years, how we have created a solid family, a passionate marriage, and stayed in the Top 3% in our industry worldwide...all while traveling the globe along the way!

Oh ya did I mention.. I used to be a homeless single mom? No money, no education, no car... Click the Link to find out how I did it and how you can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE STARTING TODAY!
Stop Spinning Your Wheels
Create a Blueprint and stop overwhelm dead in its tracks! Get Crystal Clear on the Life and Business you want and Become an organization machine!
Create Momentum
Learn to build YOUR BRAND, recruit and sell from Social Media, Grow your Organization and SIMPLY MAKE MORE MONEY WITH LESS TIME!
Complete with Training
This is not JUST A PLANNER ... it is thousands of dollars worth of business, life and time management training along with Social Media & Lead Generation training and framework.... INLCUDED... Crazy Right????
Success Workshops
Have you ever wanted to grab your business coach and have them walk you through the weeds (so to speak) in person??? Are you tired of having all the bits and pieces, but not being able to put the engine together in a way that lets you drive the car??

Melanie would like to extend a personal invitation to join her at an upcoming B.A.E SUCCESS Workshop where you will not only have Melanie walking you through the top 4 strategies she has used, but will have you ACTUALLY take the steps necessary to Build an Empire and crush your lifestyle goals.

Hosted in cities across North America, you can join Melanie at an upcoming B.A.E. Success Workshop near you.

And, of course, you will be joining forces with other like-minded powerhouse entrepreneurs in our thriving Facebook Community who are pushing their boundaries, increasing profits and fulfilling their dreams with face-to-face accountability catch ups. All this helps to ensure you stay on track and finally deliver your magic to your tribe!
Be The Change
Over the past 15 years, Melanie has been involved in rescuing lives locally and globally working to set the captives free. She has been involved in rescuing over 500 kids from human trafficking, running safe houses, feeding orphans, micro-enterprise for widows, built slum schools, medical and water projects and more! 

Have you ever wondered what you could do to make a difference?? Have you ever wanted to go to India and help the extremely poor? Take a trip with Melanie and a group of amazing #BAEHEROS that are out to make a difference! Or simply give and know your money will make a change!

 What People Are Saying:
"I strongly recommend you get started with Melanie today!"

  • Paid off 100K in debt
  • Increased profit by $50,000
  • Branded as Millennial Business Expert
  • Nominated for Top 40 Under 40
Wright to Choose
"Melanie helped me to drastically increase momentum in my business and sales team! "

  • Grew business by 400% in 8 weeks 
  • Increased profit by $50,000
  • Branded as Brand Ambassador
  • Rebranded Online Marketing
Empowered Women Online
"There is no one doing what Melanie Greenough has put together…in the BAE Business Academy. No one…and people REALLY NEED THIS. "
  • 5 Simple Steps to Marketing & Sales 
  • Built-in community for accountability
  • Live high-level coaching
  • Live Events
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