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Canada’s Top Female Business Coach Shares

Her Step-By-Step Process to Turn Your Ideas Into Content to build a 6-Figure following on Social— So You Can Create the Profit AND Lifestyle You Crave! BUT WITH THIS CATCH…”

You Only Pay $1 Now to Save Your Spot and Then Only Pay The Rest If You Feel It’s 10x More Valuable Than the Asking Price!

Hey beautiful,

Melanie Greenough here…

Having a tribe of raving fans helped me grow The Build An Empire Business Academy in a few short years from zero to over $100,000 + in revenue the first launch.

In fact, the primary vehicle for lead generation I teach to grow your own profitable lifestyle business fast is…

You guessed it…

Social Media and your Personal Brand!

And has that helped the hundreds of female entrepreneurs who have implemented my training see results? You bet!

Here are just a few who, with the little to no previous Social Content creation experience, unlocked the power of Social Media in their own businesses:
“$34,500 in [consulting] sales so far, and hoping this is my first $30K month!”

When she joined Melanie at her private VIP Mastermind Retreat, Shanda was desperate for a simple way to scale her coaching business.

She left with “more value than a $30K Mastermind,” feeling the most focused, driven, and clear about her vision than she had over the past 2 years of business.

By following Melanie’s content creation formula, Shanda hit her monthly revenue targets within the week following the retreat!


“I added 50 HOT Prospects to my new Facebook group in
2 days!”

Jennifer has launched her new Facebook group, with plans to build to 6 figures+ in the year, without paying a cent to advertise her coaching or network marketing business!

However, she has struggled when it comes to identifying her business path after losing her husband. She was not sure where to start until she attended one of Melanie’s live events.

There, she experienced a massive breakthrough in unpacking the real worth of her offer, and the transformation she was helping her clients get. Jennifer has since been able to confidently promote her new brand online and create a FLOOD of hot prospects in less than one week!


“I’ve always put my Lead Generation on Social Media in the too hard basket…but it all just feels SOOO achievable now!”

Teri is a long-standing entrepreneur in the network marketing community, but was always struggling to find the time to get her social media marketing off the ground and to teach her team attraction marketing, too.

When she attended a VIP week-long online challenge with Melanie, she was able to learn Melanie’s simple formula for just one piece of Content Creation momentum building method…

And by taking her build-it-authentically approach, Teri was able to get her social media attraction marketing strategy off the ground and attract 350+ leads in a matter of days!

Which is why I’m reaching out to you today.
I am releasing a brand new online workshop – The Content Creation Workshop. And get this…

It’s better than FREE for you!

Let me explain…

First, complete access to this brand-new training costs you just $1 up front.

That’s to save your seat and so I know you will show up when we START.

Only after you go through the training…and only if you feel it was worth thousands of dollars in value to you (or more!)…

Only then will we process your credit card for a small one-time payment of just $97.

(Which you know you will easily make back after the first sale from your constant stream of social media leads.)

Wait! It Gets Better STILL...

“I’m so glad I never gave up…now, I’ve created 5 successful online lead generation out of social… hosted 100,000 students and sales team…and generated over $3,000,000 in sales…all thanks to this game-changing content creation strategy!

~Melanie Greenough

There is a reason we call this a “Workshop” after all…

Because throughout the Virtual Workshop, I’ve set aside dedicated working time that’s ALL ABOUT YOU to help you “DO” what you’ve just learned!

We’ll roll up our sleeves and actually start building your content…

And get the momentum going so there’s no excuse not to do it!

All while being fully supported with the LIVE Q&A chat with my team who work in my business day in and day out so you have the help you need to get cracking immediately…

Giving you more certainty and less guesswork—say, “So Long, Overwhelm!”

And see money-making results… FAST!

How am I so confident this will work for you?

Well, these are the results from the FIRST YEAR sales of just four of my income streams.

I’ve created 8 successful streams of income in total, hosted 100,000 students and team mates, and generated over $450,000 million in sales for network marketing companies!

And even more than that, each income stream I’ve created is filled with a constant stream of leads from Social Media platforms and my system that’s freed me up to enjoy more of life.

I’ve pared my experience down into a formula that WORKS time after time…

So that’s why I know with such certainty that THIS FORMULA will make the difference for your business…

Because it’s proven to be THE DIFFERENCE for so many women before. The difference between being bogged down in your to-do list 24/7…

Versus CRUSHING your income goals month after month—while taking plenty of free time off!

Female entrepreneurs from all stages of business have taken this formula…

And it’s what helped them achieve PHENOMENAL results like these:

“My biggest day ever yesterday… $20K in total sales!

I built a consultation plan for increasing sales and leadership strategies for a company, and had a contract signed and in hand the first day.

My business is getting so much more automated…

And I just hired 2 assistants up to 35 hours a week!”

Shanda Wright, Build An Empire Mastermind Member


“I only have a small list and am launching my art-printed Yoga Apparel Line. I have made huge strides in execution since working with Melanie!

About a week ago, Melanie posted a video about ‘just do it’… so I did!

Spent today working on my brand with Melanie and her team – a fresh set of eyes and experienced hands-on help was priceless! So focused and motivated. Thank you Melanie for your constant support and motivation!

Chayle, Build An Empire Business Academy Member


“I increased sales on my team by 400% in just 3 weeks!

My branding was pretty dismal and in just 3 weeks, Melanie recommended I brand myself and promote my team in a way that exploded my results!

Then this happened…I was asked to become the brand ambassador for our company and without even trying increase sales by 400%!

So much fun and really easy!

Belinda Byfield, Build An Empire Student

So, I’m quietly confident that you’ll be joining the ranks of these Empire Builders once you implement the strategies inside The Content Creation Workshop in your own business.

And if not? Well, here’s the best part:

If you don’t feel the training was worth thousands of dollars to you – or it was 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 6 out of 5 stars – then just drop us a line at

And you’ll be charged nothing.

(I’ll even refund your $1!)

Why aren’t I charging up-front like many others do?

It’s my way of making sure you feel like you get incredible value from our time together.

It’s kind of like going to a restaurant and only having to pay if you love the food. And if you hate it? You don’t have to pay a cent.

Or I guess it’s also kind of like going to a movie… and only paying if you love the flick.

Sound fair?

So here’s what you are going to discover during our time together:

The Content Creation Blueprint!

A successful content strategy has two distinct parts: the content itself and the strategy that builds your brand.

And you can’t have one without the other.

Great content with no strategy behind it…MAJOR flop!

(You might get lucky and sell one or two products/services, but then get frustrated with the results and swear off this whole attraction marketing “thing” for good…)

A great strategy that promotes horrid content… it’s like suicide for your brand!

(Imagine feeling ecstatic that your competitor just sold $100,000 because you were not a visible option to choose from online… ouch!!)

Yet great content and a great strategy isn’t just a small step in the right direction… it’s a business changing (which we all know means LIFE changing) leap to massive business growth!

It’s like adding one and one together, and instead of getting two, you get twenty!

Because with the right content and the right strategy for that content, you are creating something that you can use to build your brand and create sales on demand!

Instead of being capped out in your income because you can’t make enough sales or can’t recruit anymore of your warm market… There isn’t any revenue goal you can’t accomplish in your business!

It’s like opening a FLOODGATE of new income possibilities.

I’d love to show you how to do this…

And share with you my ENTIRE Content Creation Blueprint training at my next Virtual Workshop.

In our 3 hours together, I’m peeling back the curtain on my Content Creation Blueprint—showing you each and every step and exactly how I use it in my business…

And all throughout the virtual workshop, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting down to business! No excuses, right?!

Here’s Just A Taste Of The Secrets That Will Be Revealed At The Content Creation Virtual Workshop

Discover the branding “sweet spot” that actually attracts more new buyers—without diminishing your value and worth!

Everything you need to know about promoting your brand, AND how to use hashtags to dominate social. (This 2-second trick alone can instantly boost sales!)

​My secret “A to Z” road map that tells you exactly what content to create and how long you should make your videos so as not to overwhelm your audience.

How to use bonuses, premiums, and freebies to overcome objections, Build your prospect list and double (or sometimes triple) your sales… (And how to do it without creating any additional content!)…

​How you can create a high-quality content vault in less than a week. (If you want to get your content done fast, you’ll love this!)…

​Should you deliver your content “face to camera,” “whiteboard” style, “screenshare”, or even just plain old audio? I’m going to share the TRUTH about which one you should do…

​How to use “intro/exit” videos and “quizzes” to double or even triple your engagement… resulting in incredible results

​ How to cater your content for ALL learning types… reducing barriers for engagement and growing your RAVING FANBASE!…

​ I’ll remove all the overwhelm when it comes to the tech behind setting up your content and online strategy by sharing with you exactly which tools we use. (And I promise you this… they are so easy to navigate and set up, even I can do it!)…

​My #1 organizational tool… so your content is easily accessible and ready at the touch of a screen… (Oh, and it’s gorgeous, too!)…

​The absolutely free video-hosting service I recommend so you can get your content build even if you’re on a tight budget… (This alone will save you more than the full cost of this training!)...

​My tested and proven LIVE structure that’s generated over 100,000 views… (And I’ll even show you how to get it done in less than 30 min)…

​How to design your editorial campaign so you can start selling your products and services to heaps of people who are excited to buy it…

A “9-word email” that turns dead cold leads into buyers for free… The easiest customers you’ll ever get!…
My Facebook promotional strategy that allows you to get buyers from other experts’ audiences… free! (And yes, this is totally ethical 🙂 …

​How to use short 10-15-minute Facebook Lives to attract hundreds of viewers and have prospects eager to learn about (and buy) your products/services by the end…

Plus, how to 10x your Facebook Live viewers for just $10!…
​How to use guarantees to keep away the energy vampires & refund junkies (aka the noncommittal buyers) and attract only your best customers…

Warning- The Next Virtual Workshop Starts In:

How to create a new Instagram sequence that totally creates interest and causes people to see you as an expert!

The Instagram hacks you can use to GAIN MORE FOLLOWERS.

​My simple post structure that gets 20% or more engagements and shares—without having to create any more.

​How to turn your new followers into happy fans for life who keep coming back to get more and more!

​And much, much more!

As if all this value doesn’t make this a no-brainer for you to join me in this webinar, I am also offering you the most amazing guarantee:

Attend The Training And Pay Only ?If You Love It…
AFTER the Workshop

YES! You read that right.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but let me explain this in a bit more detail…

Once you sign up today, you’ll be invited to attend one of the upcoming Virtual Workshop Days. Block at least 3.5 hours off to attend this. (It will be worth it!)

But, I’m hosting this as a “Value in Advance” event.

That means you attend FIRST…

Learn my entire step-by-step Content Creation Blueprint…

Discover my exact marketing and sales strategy as to how I fill up my prospect list with hot leads eager to buy…

Including the post structure, ads, and tools I use to pull it all off….

Then, join us in an hour of ACTION time—where we implement these new lessons in YOUR business.

PLUS—take part in our LIVE Q&A chat with my very own team who helps me create and launch my content, to get all the support you need to make massive results happen… FAST!

And only pay for the full training IF you find incredible value in the lessons you learned during the workshop.

You save your spot with just $1, and then you don’t have to pay the rest until the day AFTER the event!

Simply put your information in when you sign up today, knowing full well we won’t run your card for your Virtual Workshop ticket until the day after, and only if we don’t receive notification from you!

That’s the best part… After the Content Creation Virtual Workshop is done, you get to decide if it was worth far more than $97, which is what the Virtual Content Creation Workshop costs.

(And which you know you will easily make back after making the first sale off your new content strategy.)

If you feel it wasn’t 10X more valuable than the investment, simply contact us at and tell us, and we’ll make sure your credit card doesn’t process the $97 fee.

(And I’ll even refund your $1!)

Making It 100% Safe and Smart to Join Me
for My Content Creation Virtual Workshop!

Warning- The Next Virtual Workshop Starts In:

“But, How Is This Possible?” You Ask…

I wanted to make this affordable and available to everyone who needs it.

It kills me every time I hear of an entrepreneur pouring their heart and soul into trying to build their business but they are out of leads and have no idea how to properly brand themselves on social…

A training that would change the lives of the people who get their hands on it…

So they could build their brand, dominate on social and increase sales!

And so they could stop being so afraid of it. You know…the feeling of wanting to give up before you even try.

I don’t want that for you!

ESPECIALLY because your amazing message paired with the content strategy can make an ENORMOUS difference in your business—and your life!

It can be that easy when you just get it right!

All you need to do is the right stuff in the right order…

And I want to teach you how!

I’m also incredibly confident in the value I bring to the table.

And I know that once you see the impact this training will have on your business.

You’ll want to stick around and join the other entrepreneurs in my coaching program called The Build An Empire Business Academy!

If not, no hard feelings, and I’ll still feel I did the right thing by providing value first.

But, don’t wait too long to decide if you’ll join us!

Why You Must Sign Up NOW…

To join me at this Virtual Workshop…

And discover the same Content Creation Blueprint the other 6- and 7-figure-earning entrepreneurs we help use to grow their coaching/consulting/network marketing businesses so you can:

You can register your spot on the next page when you click the button below.

Here’s the deal, though:

This is the only time I can guarantee it will be available, risk-free, for under $100.

Plus, this is your only chance to join us on the LIVE Q+A support with my very own team who has helped me create and sell millions of dollars of my own online courses, network marketing products, and coaching services and get any and all of your questions answered on the spot!

Waiting costs you two ways:

First, the longer you go without creating your own brand through content that matters on social as a coach or consultant or network marketer, the weaker you will be in all areas of growing and scaling your business. (Might sound harsh, but it’s the truth!)

Second, the longer you wait, the more likely you are to miss out on a seat inside the Virtual Workshop.

Why? Well, I decided to keep this event an intimate affair.

Since my team and I will be hands-on in the Action portion of the workshop, plus the team is supporting you LIVE to answer your questions…

It’s important to me that we take the best possible care of the students who attend.

That means we have to put a limit on the number of Builders we let into the workshop.

The truth is there are thousands of people reading this page, and we only have 100 seats available.

This workshop WILL fill up, and then it WILL go away until my team and I decide to run it again.

I don’t say any of this to scare you, but to show you the importance of acting fast if you’re interested in attending.

So Now It's Your Turn To Decide...

I’ve removed every barrier—making this an AFFORDABLE event with INCREDIBLE value…

So that you have everything you need to create the future of your dreams!

So you can build a business where you get to change people’s lives…

While enjoying the profit AND lifestyle you desire.

What could be better?!

So, let’s get going!

If you are serious about joining me, claim your seat now before they’re all gone.

People always email me after it’s too late to ask if they can still get in…

Happens every single time!

So, I want to make sure you know the countdown is on! No excuses 😉

Warning- The Next Virtual Workshop Starts In:

I look forward to seeing you at the Virtual Workshop soon!

XO Melanie

P.S. In case you’re someone like me who just skips straight to the bottom of any letter…

Here it is in a nutshell:

YOU are getting the best-of-the-best content creation education for just $1 up front.

You put your credit card info in for $1 today to save your seat and so I know you will be rocking up when we START.

Then, at the end, you get to be the judge. Either I live up to my word or I don’t.

Only after you go through the training… and only if you feel it was worth thousands of dollars to you or more… Only then will we process your credit card for a measly $97.

This means you get the chance to experience the whole training—where I share my best content-creation secrets and my entire Content Creation Blueprint—without paying for it first.

If, however, you don’t feel the training was worth thousands of dollars to you… or it was 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 6 out of 5 stars… then just drop us a line at, and you’ll be charged nothing.

(I’ll even refund your $1!)

You’ve got nothing to lose by giving this a try.

If there’s even a chance that this could completely turn things around for you by helping you put more “life” back into your lifestyle business…isn’t it worth checking it out for just $1?

Just click the button below, and reserve your spot for this life-changing workshop. I promise it will be worth it.

Sign up now risk-free:

Yes! I Want To Turn My Social Media Into A
6-Figure Brand with Amazing Content FAST!

*Only Pay The Rest If You Love It Guarantee*

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Content Creation Workshop?

The workshop goes for just over 3 hours, but it’s best to set aside about 3.5 hours to get it done.

Is there a pay up-front option?

Yes! You also have the option of paying $77 USD up front (non-refundable) and saving $20 USD 😉

What if I can’t make it live to the Workshop?

You will be get an email with access to the replay.

When will I be charged the remaining cost of the workshop?

The Content Workshop is only $1 USD up front, and we’ll process the remaining $97 USD at 5pm PST the day after the workshop, unless you email and let us know you didn’t receive massive value before then.

Will there be a replay I can watch later?

Yes! Once your remaining payment has been processed, you’ll be sent a replay so you can check back in on what you heard live.

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