Lara’s Testimonial

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I never could have imagined making $50k on my first attempt in my business. I’d already been through other training programs, but I had been sitting on my hands for months. I had not sold anything yet. I was getting in my own way. At the time I didn’t realize that my perfectionism was really just fear. I feel Melanie really called me out on that in her training AND showed me how to overcome it, something that will serve me in all areas of my life.

I was feeling overwhelmed by choices and decisions and wanted to know the straight-line path to get there. Melanie’s training convinced me to leap (launch my business), even before I finished all the steps. I put together a sales message and launched my first product to my current list using just an email and phone for messaging sequence and one quick video.

I did this BEFORE my ducks were in a row and I knew that leap would force me to create/finish it. My hair-scary goal was $10,000 in sales. BUT INSTEAD… I ended up making $50,000 my first go and that was in the first half of the year…and I did this with just messaging and a $297 product! I am forever grateful to you and your training!!!