I am thrilled to be working with you to help you Build your own Network Marketing Empire! Whether you are new and just launching your business or you are an experienced leader looking to create more duplication, systems and learn to develop leaders of your own…We have just the right training for you!

Grow Your Business


Attract, Activate, & Launch Your Team

Join the Build An Empire™ Academy

The academy includes:

  • Scripts on Fire Guide and Scriptbook
  • Lead Crusher and D.A.R.E.S. Challenges 
  • Social Empire Daily Method Of Operation
  • The Secret Sales Sauce
  • Your Dynamic Brand
  • Content Creation Lab
  • Build An Empire Follow-Up Formula

Hot Seat Coaching, Office Hours, and a thriving community of networkers who want to take their businesses to the next level! I will personally be in there to assist you! Click Here to Learn More



Duplicate & Scale

My Signature Programs all in one The Launch Studio™

Learn the business of Network Marketing from A – Z! Learn how to launch new partners, brand yourself as a leader, create duplication, whip up momentum, and dominate your comp plan! This suite of products will optimize your time and short cut your success! Learn the secrets all great networkers know on how to scale their business and grow an empire. Click Here to Learn More…


build momentum & Become a Leader

The She’s Creating An Empire™ Momentum Group™ & Total Transformation Bundle – Discounted for a Limited time!

This is a 12 month accountability and private coaching group designed to give high-level coaching for 12 months a concentrated group setting. Work directly with me as we review your organization and plans, hone your leadership skillset, create strategies for growth with social media and momentum, and increase your confidence and results! Join the momentum group today and do not miss another chance to explode your results!

Take it to the next level

Success Workshops

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what to do to build the business, brand and bank account of your dreams??? 

I’m extending a personal invitation to join me at an upcoming B.A.E SUCCESS Workshop where you will not only have me walking you through the top 4 strategies I have used, but you will ACTUALLY take the steps necessary to Build an Empire and crush your lifestyle goals.

These are Live either online or in person.

And, of course, you will be joining forces with other like-minded powerhouse entrepreneurs in our thriving Facebook Community who are pushing their boundaries, increasing profits and fulfilling their dreams. 

Team Leaders


The Melanie Greenough Inner Circle Experience™

As a leader, having a mentor is imperative to your success. The Inner Circle Experience gives you access to the momentum group plus 1-1 monthly coaching with me to accelerate your success!  Having a duplication and training system will help you to create momentum, ranks for your team, customer satisfaction and a culture that ensures retention and momentum. Accepting applications now become a pro at activation, duplication, branding and a success path to build a live and business you love!

Team Training virtual Workshops

Bringing high-energy, inspirational training to this profession is the goal of everything I do. Whether you are a start-up, or have been in business for years, attending one of my retreats or workshops will give you the A-Z principles of growing and sustaining a healthy organization in a fun, motivating atmosphere with like-minded entrepreneurs. Want to explode your growth? Invite your team along with you to create a synergistic approach together. You’ll leave the experience with the same mindset and goals to achieve your success! Join the Wait List to be notified of upcoming workshops.

Speaking engagements

Melanie knows how to inspire people with the knowledge they can be, do, and have everything they want. What sets her apart is that she has the tools and experience to make it happen. Audiences instantly connect with her warm personality, unique methods, and motivational story. They leave the experience knowing they are empowered to change their lives.

Contact Melanie today to give your audience a speaker who has been where they are and will motivate and train them to new levels of success and leadership!

Financial Education



To run a home-based business, organization and planning are essential to your success. With straight forward and easy to follow strategies and systems, you can easily track your expenses, save on your taxes, and set yourself up to Build An Empire. Coming soon.

Debt Crusher


Learn how to crush your debt in 5-7 years without increasing your income using aggressive financial principles that will radically shift your net worth. Plug into easy to follow tutorials, the Debt Crusher workbook, and gain access to the tracking tools that will accelerate your success. Join the thousands of people who have paid off mountains of debt and are now living stress free and focusing on Building An Empire. Join waitlist to get notified.

SHE'S CREATING AN EMPIRE™ Financial Fitness Project

As a woman, having a strong financial plan to build your net worth and secure your family is often the most important thing we can do emotionally to create peace and abundance in our lives. With She’s Creating An Empire™ strategies, you can learn to build multiple streams of income, pay your debt, and compound your money through investing and trading. Whether you’re a newbie just getting started or you are a seasoned empire builder, these strategies and tools are sure to accelerate your results and plug you into a thriving community so you can learn in a safe, supportive environment. Click here to learn more.



Access the power and support of people who have learned the fundamentals of trading and making compounding interest work for them to increase their net worth. Through digital academies, software and tools, and over 100+ live traders, people all over the world are experiencing incredible success in both the Forex and digital currency markets. Learn in a safe, controlled environment without risking your own capital and join me in making your finances work for you.

Unlocking the future you only dreamed you could have. Click here to learn more.